push notification

Have you ever heard about push notification? Because we are so familiar with smartphone and iPhone, we may be so familiar with push notification. Yes, push notification looks like short message sent by app to our phone. What is the use of push notification for customer? Let’s we talk about it. Some people may ignore push […]



Social media marketing is now considered as one of the most effective way to advertise your products or services, as well as to promote your brand. By choosing the right social media network for you to launch your creative advertising campaign, it’s not impossible for a brand owner to see a boost in sales right […]



Lose weight without dieting is an Android app which is the health and fitness app, it allows you to track your fitness and gives you the advice to follow some guidelines to help you to lose weight. It asks for the data to be entered before it proceeds with its progress charts, it asks you […]


videoder apk

Videoder APK acts like a YOUTUBE especially for android devices. This application allows you to download the content from the web at a quick speed and then allows you to watch the downloaded content later. The size of this Videoder APK is 3.O MB and for downloading and enjoying this application your device must run […]


How to use Google Maps offline

Yes, it is possible to use Google Maps offline when you don’t have internet access and have stuck in a particular road or route. Many number of people uses Google Maps regularly and almost daily, so downloading offline maps is the best feature that one can expect from Google. So below is a quick tutorial […]


android games you must play in 2016

New year 2016 have started and with this, there are a lot of changes in the technology market. Today in this post we will encounter with some of the android games you must play in 2016. As you go further in the article you will also see some of the previously released games in case you […]


TRAI-Free Basics Campaign (By Facebook)

You might be receiving frequent notification regarding the TRAI-Free Basic Campaign. You receive the notification whenever any of your friends sends a message to TRAI. This campaign came into lamplight after the failure of internet.org by Facebook as it was violating the Net Neutrality. Facebook’s Free Basic Campaign in collaboration with Reliance too received the […]


How to stop android apps running in the background

Several apps run in the background are doing good like providing location data, syncing and or else they do what they are designed for but it is not the same always. If you wish to know what apps are running excessively in the background or want to stop the apps running in the background, then check out […]


How to Setup Parental Control On your Child's Smartphone

Are you tensed about your child and his upbringing after his addiction towards his Smartphone then the only option left is parental control. Yes you can control your child’s smartphone by a simple set up. In the present time, the biggest concern of the parents are their kids addiction towards smartphone, yes the present technology […]

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Got bored of that boring and same Android home button on your home screen? Then without much ado get rid of it by changing it. If you don’t have any idea about it then don’t worry as androidtips is there for you and today in this post you will find a guide on how to […]