5 Tricks You Don’t Know About Your Android Phone

1. Cast your phone screen to your favorite TV

All you need to share what’s on your phone’s screen with your television is a Chromecast or a television that’s set up to work with Android devices and you can mirror what’s on your screen there. This comes in handy if you want to share pictures or videos on your phone to someone else, watch YouTube without having to use an external app, or even play your favorite mobile games on a larger screen.

Go to the Quick Settings menu and choose Cast. Your device will pop up the Chromecast that’s set up, or the television of your choice (if it’s a smart TV) and you can start casting. It’s very simple, and quick to set up.

2. Lock people out of specific apps

We’ve all been there – someone’s asked to use our phone, and we’ve scrambled to hide certain pictures and information we don’t want others to see. There’s actually a way with Android devices to hide this with a few button presses so anyone you lend your phone to for a few moments will only be locked to one area until you enter your phone’s lock screen code. That way, they can’t use parts of your phone unless you put the code in again.

3. Enable one-handed mode

Some Android phone sizes can be particularly unwieldy, depending on the model you use. Luckily, you can opt for the special one-handed mode on most Android phones using one quick shortcut. It’s on Google’s keyboard, which you’ll need to get if you don’t have it. You’ll likely have it already as your default option if you use a Pixel or Nexus phone, but if you use a Samsung or LG phone, you’ll need to download the keyboard to get things ready.

When you download the keyboard, open it up and tap and hold the backslash key. Pull up to the right-hand icon to turn on one-handed mode. There will be an arrow here that lets you position the keyboard from side to side and reposition it. The icon on the top will let you restore the keyboard to its full size. Now the keyboard can be used with one hand if you so desire.

4. Change out wireless networks quickly.

Sometimes you may need to swap between wireless networks in an expedient manner. Perhaps you’re on the wrong network at a hotel or you want to use a friend’s signal instead of your hotspot. Instead of going to Settings and then Wi-Fi, simply swipe down twice from the top of your screen and open the Quick Settings menu. Press on the name of the network you’re connected to and you’ll be given an entire list of networks all around you. You can now swap to an eligible network from there.

5. Swap into Priority Mode

You may never have heard of Android’s Priority Mode, but it’s an extremely useful feature. It lets you put your phone in “Do not disturb” mode while still letting certain notifications come through that you select. Essentially, you’ll be able to choose who can bother you while everything else is snoozed.

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