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Android games you must play in 2016

New year 2016 have started and with this, there are a lot of changes in the technology market. Today in this post we will encounter with some of the android games you must play in 2016. As you go further in the article you will also see some of the previously released games in case you have missed them.

January 2016

Cut the rope: Magic 

Classic cut the rope got another sequel for it in the form of Cut the rope: Magic which centres around amazing cut the rope recipe: non-threating graphics, vibrant and some amazing and confusing puzzles. Your main aim is to cut the rope and deliver the candy in the mouth of hungry critter Om Nom.

Cut the Rope

The beautiful part of the cut the rope game series is that it makes you feel smart. As you progress in the game the challenges get difficult and tricky puzzles come into play.

Cut the rope: Magic is a perfect game for you if you were eagerly waiting for sweet gaming treat providing amazing features like its presentation and good sound.

Rayman Adventures

In the beginning, Rayman series were available only for PlayStation but today it is also available for android. Rayman adventure is an auto-runner, side-scrolling platform game.

Rayman Adventures

There are number of different levels in the Rayman adventure. One might be busy in battling with the enemies, another with collecting items, but they all require perfect timing to avoid enemies, tackle all the obstacles and reach the end of every stage.

Rayman adventures give you little more control than the earlier versions, as in this you can change your direction as per your wish. Currently, Rayman adventures is considered as one of the finest auto-running games on android with expertly designed backgrounds, characters and high resolution. The attractive gameplay cannot be ignored.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything 

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is an awesome puzzle game that has arrived on android just little before the end of the year but the game has managed to built-up some attraction in the gaming community. Did you play it? No? now is the time.

Please, Don't touch Anything

The game is, your co-workers takes a bathroom break and leaves you to look after a desk and a big red button with the instruction that you should not touch anything. So what will be your first instinct? Touch something, Yea of course.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything consists of a gameplay that involves solving of puzzles and try out pressing of different combination of buttons in order to trigger various outcomes, and the best part is that the entire action will take place from the desk where you are left.

Previously released games

Now let us have a look at some of the previously released games in case you have missed them.

Call of Champions 

Call of Champions is free to play MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) for android where you play as a hero in one of the two teams of three. Each of the heroes will have their own superpowers and abilities which you need to employ in order to battle with enemies that reward strategy.

call of champions

Call of Champions was greatly compared with League of Legends both in mechanics and arts, and the good part is that it does effectively. MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games mostly rely on balance to be competitive and the developer Spacetime Games has perfectly managed to achieve this balance in free to play arena.

Need for Speed: No Limits

several silent games like Prune were released in the previous year but Need for Speed: No Limits is just the opposite of them as the game is big and loud running race arena. In the past EA has launched number of these titles on android and this latest title challenges you to improve your cars and reputation.

need for speed

The game consists of races which are short but exciting, some of the races takes less than a minute to complete which is ideal for short sessions.

Star Wars: Uprising 

We all are aware of what Star wars is all about. Star wars: Uprising is a mobile game which was recently launched in order to make a bridge between Episode VI and the latest release Episode VII.

star wars: uprising

you get to play out the story ahead of Episode VII movie released in December. Level up your character by completing quests, know about new Jedi abilities and prepare yourself to battle against the Galactic Empire.

Let us know your Favorite gaming app by commenting below.

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