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How to use Google Maps offline

Yes, it is possible to use Google Maps offline when you don’t have internet access and have stuck in a particular road or route. Many number of people uses Google Maps regularly and almost daily, so downloading offline maps is the best feature that one can expect from Google. So below is a quick tutorial […]


How to stop android apps running in the background

Several apps run in the background are doing good like providing location data, syncing and or else they do what they are designed for but it is not the same always. If you wish to know what apps are running excessively in the background or want to stop the apps running in the background, then check out […]


How to Setup Parental Control On your Child's Smartphone

Are you tensed about your child and his upbringing after his addiction towards his Smartphone then the only option left is parental control. Yes you can control your child’s smartphone by a simple set up. In the present time, the biggest concern of the parents are their kids addiction towards smartphone, yes the present technology […]

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Got bored of that boring and same Android home button on your home screen? Then without much ado get rid of it by changing it. If you don’t have any idea about it then don’t worry as androidtips is there for you and today in this post you will find a guide on how to […]



Do you feel and wish to post live photos on your Facebook wall? If you do then you can post them with the help of your iPhone 6s without any complications and the most amazing fact is that Facebook is now supporting Live Photos. Live photos truly puts up life inside your photos and this amazing […]


hwo to secure amazon account with two step verification

In today’s fast forward word online shopping store pays an important role in order to make our lifestyle easy. Without moving out your can easily get your desired stuffs at your residence or office. It is possible due to online shopping stores and Amazon is one of the top and most popular online shopping store […]


How to makw FB profile pic unclickable

Facebook, everyone might be very familiar with this name right? Well, this is the social media site where you can find almost whole population of the world. People here connect with each other irrespective of which corner of the world they belong to. You might be frequently updating your Facebook profile by changing your Facebook […]


CRC error

It’s common that our data may get corrupted when stored in the hard-drives or optical disks (DVD/CD). In such case, a cyclic redundancy check error is caused and this can be eliminated by using an error checking technique, i.e. Cyclic Redundancy Check, by the computer. So, how can one make use of it? Well, let’s […]



  Many times it happens unintentionally that you have deleted the very important notification by swipe of the hand and later tried to figure out what was it. Well, there is always a workaround for the same, if you know the right place to seek the lost notifications for. In this tutorial we will guide […]


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  It always a tricky situation when we need to handover over personal smart phone to other friend or colleague to make a call or just for causal browsing or to play games.  Smartphones does have all the confidential data which should be protected from the people who might attempt sneak in and peek into […]