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Customize Android Home Button Shortcuts (Android Tweak)

Got bored of that boring and same Android home button on your home screen? Then without much ado get rid of it by changing it.


If you don’t have any idea about it then don’t worry as androidtips is there for you and today in this post you will find a guide on how to customize android home button shortcuts. Most of the time an Android users encounters a situation where he/she wants a specific home button shortcuts in order to access their favorite apps faster and quicker. So to do this one need to customize home button shortcut but most of them are not aware of it and this is the reason androidtips have come up with this amazing tutorial to customize android home button shortcuts.

Customize Android Home button Shortcuts

Now without taking much time let’s start the tutorial to customize Android home button shortcuts.

  • Firstly, download an application of shortcut app like Home2 for your Android handset.
  • Ones the application is downloaded you will notice instructions on your screen regarding how to customize these shortcuts.
  • Don’t get confused. Tap on Choose application followed by selecting play store from the list.
  • Now choose how long you want double press interval.
  • Now you will be asked to choose your home app and you can choose either TouchWiz home or Android launcher.
  • Now tap on Home button after which it will ask you to choose the launcher, select Home2 (if you have downloaded this app) and tap on always.
  • Now whenever you double tap you will be taken to the application that you have chosen to be launched on double tap.
  • Finally, you are done!!

This was our simple tutorial on how to customize android home button shortcuts, so follow this simple steps and set your favorite apps shortcuts on your home screen and still if you have any doubt or query regarding this article then just comment your query and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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