Gadgets That Will Make Your 2020 Intresting

2019 has seen the release of several fascinating gadgets, and CES 2019 saw quite a lot. At the start of the year, top brands assembled at the huge CES electronics convention in Las Vegas to showcase their finest newest gear.

As the year has progressed, more new tech has been hinted at and launched. Some of these new gadgets might put a strain on your bank account due to their high price. However, most of them are presently affordable.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of 2019 favorite releases. Whether you want an exciting modern television for your living room or suave new wearable tech, we have you covered.

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Interactive screens aren’t a new thing. With Facebook Portals and Amazon Echos and Google Hubs, we are quite versed in the interactive screen world. The selling point of Lenovo’s Smart Clock is its simplicity.

This new gadget won’t stream TV or do video conferences but it handles all the bedside issues. It charges phones, tells time and softly wakes you up with a clock face that slowly lights up before your alarm rings.

You can command it to do way more by connecting it to Google Assistant. With its heather gray case, this smart clock is a classy, compact, discreet and useful gadget to have around.

Withings Move Activity and Sleep Watch

Withings Move is the new 2019 released smartwatch from Withings. It monitors your activity as well as your sleep. It comes with a GPS tracker and syncs with the Health Mate App.

A very remarkable thing about this gadget is that it can function for up to 18 months without needing a battery charge. Also, its subtle design with an analog clock face gives it a better sense of timelessness than most trackers available.

The options for customization are plentiful as well, so you can effortlessly tailor it to your taste.

Mophie Juice Pack Access

This Mophie Juice Pack Access has a strong spot among the most useful/everyday gadgets released this year.

It is a portable charging case for Apple iPhones that doesn’t cover up or make use of the Lightning port. This basically means you’re able to charge your phone while using your wired headphones.

Mophie’s Juice Pack Access obtains its power from its comprised charging cable or any Qi wireless charging pad; providing you with about 31 hours of battery life.

In spite of its somewhat sleek body, it is efficiently tough and protects your phone just fine. It can be used with Xs Max, Xs/X, and XR iPhones.

Waverly Ambassador Translator

For those who want to travel in spite of language barriers or those who want to effortlessly talk to people of different languages in their neighborhood, this translator is one to have and look out for.

The Waverly Ambassador Translator is an audio device that translates in real-time. There are tons of ways it can be used.

In spite of that, the most helpful system is to connect one to your ear and have the other different language speaking person attach the other to their head. Then you can both converse away as the right translations play in your ears.

Although the technology is in the Indiegogo stage, getting the early version is still worth it.

Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

This mug is an answered prayer to all of us who need our coffee to kick-start the day. What it does is use internal heating technology to keep your coffee, and other beverages hot for an hour.

You can leisurely sip your coffee without needing continuous trips to the microwave. You can also steep your tea to the perfect temperature. All these are controlled through a Bluetooth connected app.

Though Ember released these mugs some time ago, this 14-ounce is a 2019 debut.

Moodo Smart Diffuser Bundle

Moodo creates aroma diffusers for homes. These diffusers can be customized thanks to four switchable scent capsules and smart technology that can be regulated from afar.

This diffuser has been on the market for over a year. But this year, Moodo debuted the MoodoGo device, which can be moved around due to its miniature nature. You need just a USB power supply to get the device filling the air with nice smells.

Though the MoodoGo has just one scent capsule, it’s still a great fit for constricted desk spaces and car cup-holders.

It is not yet available for pre-ordering but you can sign up on the Moodo website to receive updates. For now, the original Moodo diffuser should do the job with its array of scent packs to select from.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

This year, Bose introduced an audio gadget that fuses two favorite things- wireless earbuds and cool sunglasses- into one. If you put on these Bose Frames while you’re outdoors on a sunny day, the frames will play music to your ears only, streaming from your phone through a Bluetooth connection. We guarantee no other person would hear your music playing as the speakers are top-notch.

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