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How to Setup Parental Control On your Child’s Smartphone

Are you tensed about your child and his upbringing after his addiction towards his Smartphone then the only option left is parental control. Yes you can control your child’s smartphone by a simple set up.

In the present time, the biggest concern of the parents are their kids addiction towards smartphone, yes the present technology and smartphone is like blessing to us but just like a coin it has other side too which is a negative side of this present technology which can misguide your child. So it is very important to put an eye on their child for their better future and this can be started by setting up parental control on Smartphone.

How to Setup Parental Control On your Child's Smartphone

Most of the parents out there might not be aware of this setup process so here is a quick tutorial on how to setup parental control on your child’s smartphone.

Setup Parental Control On your Child’s Smartphone

Without wasting much time let us start the tutorial, just follow below mentioned easy steps.

  • One need to install parental control app like FamilyTime on your (parent) device.
  • When you successfully install this app you will get a child version along with it which you need to install on your kid’s phone.
  • Now pair up your device with your child’s device after which data will be visible.
  • After this is done you will be able to see the data visibility on your child’s smartphone. It will include Mirror contacts, internet usage, location tracking, watchlist contacts, remotely lock phone, browsing history, bookmarks, blacklist apps and much more.
  • You are done and have successfully setup parental control on your child’s smartphone.

So this was our quick and simple guide on how to setup parental control on your child’s smartphone but still if you have any queries or confusion regarding the concept do let us know by commenting below and I will surely get back to you as soon as possible. And if you think the article was informative then share our site’s link with your friends and gang members.

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Shivang January 2, 2016

Thanks for the information it is very useful..!!


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