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Sponsored Android app review: Lose Weight without dieting

Lose weight without dieting is an Android app which is the health and fitness app, it allows you to track your fitness and gives you the advice to follow some guidelines to help you to lose weight. It asks for the data to be entered before it proceeds with its progress charts, it asks you to add the food and drinks you consume and the physical activities you perform. This is done basically to let you know that the schedule which you are performing is right or wrong. It gives the count of calories; track the progress and other features which is essential to know to lose weight.


Lose weight without dieting app is the cool app which helps you to lose weight without giving you the feel of dieting. So, now you don’t have to feel that you are on diet and you can plan your things accordingly to get in shape back.

How app works?

When you install the app, it asks to agree to the terms and conditions where it is clearly explained that you should consult your physician first, so that you don’t have any other health issues which causes disadvantage.

So, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, it takes you to the welcome page and then it takes you the basic information page where you need to feed your age, weight, height, lifestyle, and many more.

welcome page

Then, you need to enter the data for the food you are consuming and physical activities you are performing. You can tweak the data of your own to enter the information or you can take the help of the pre-entered data from the database, so that you can save lot of time. The versatility of this app that you can add Indian dishes and meals also such as rice, dal, paneer, and many more. You can add it or you can select from the pre-entered data from the database which will be referred to you while adding.

options page

It has got several of dishes and exercises feed in its database. Then, with the help of continuous efforts you can check where you stand after some time. Obviously, you will lose weight without getting the feel of the diet.


Pros and Cons

This app has got several pros like it helps you to track the progress which you have made so far and it has very much easy to use interface. There are as such no cons of this app as it has built for the fitness lovers.


Lose weight without dieting is the coolest app for the fitness lovers where you can track, the progress you have made on the way of losing weight. You can remove the ads if you purchase the premium version of this app. Overall; this app has got the unique functionalities.




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